Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Residency

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In developing our Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine (EM/IM) Combined Residency Program we have combined excellence in leadership, residency training (Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine) and academic and patient care opportunities. Together both departments provide over 40 years of residency leadership experience and have graduated hundreds of successful graduates with a widespread impact on both specialties. Our graduates have had diverse directions ranging from academic subspecialty training, to educational and teaching activities to excellence in patient care. Many graduates have attained leadership positions in a variety of medical center and academic organizations both regionally and nationally. Our Department of Internal Medicine has several ranked US News and World Report programs while the Department of Emergency Medicine continues to be one of the most competitive Emergency Medicine training programs in the country.
The Departments of Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine have demonstrated significant academic and educational excellence. Both departments are among national leaders in research funding and have enjoyed significant increases in research support during the past several years. Although Internal Medicine is one of the leading contributors to the education of our medical students, the Department of Emergency Medicine has contributed more teaching hours per faculty member than any other department. Both departments have had many faculty recognized for teaching excellence and many have been voted “professor of the year,” the highest recognition for teaching excellence from medical students. Both residency training programs continue to receive an increased number of highly qualified applications for residency training. Fellowship programs have also been added while continuing to emphasize the importance and vital role of providing primary care. Both residency programs have steadily increased their residency size as well as the expertise and numbers of their educational faculty. Both have a track record of excellence regarding residency review committee accreditation.
Common areas of emphasis and expertise include the treatment of critically ill patients and the use of evidence based medicine, simulation and ultrasonography to gain expertise in the management of these patients. Our programs have benefited from a medical center-wide initiative to emphasize key areas such as patient satisfaction, professionalism, communication and patient safety. This has been accomplished through education, mentorship, feedback and innovation. Even more important to our success has been the establishment of a culture of collaboration between our departments in all our mission areas.
Recruiting and developing “leaders” and “scholars” will provide the foundation of the success of our EM/IM program. Our graduates will provide a leadership impact ranging from their excellence in patient care to their participation in areas of organized medicine. The key leadership qualities are a vision for change and innovation and an overwhelming optimism regarding future potential. The key scholarly qualities are the overwhelming desire to learn from scientific evidence and the desire to contribute to the development of future “leaders” and “scholars.” We welcome your interest and excitement about our EM/IM residency training program.
Daniel Martin, MD
Professor and EM/IM Residency Director
Vice Chaire for Education

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