Thomas E Terndrup, MD

Thomas E Terndrup, MD, FACEP

Professor and Chair
Department of Emergency Medicine
The Ohio State University College of Medicine
These pages of our web portal emphasize our mission leaders and their very important perspectives. It is my great pleasure to lead this team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who aim to integrate the missions of clinical care, education and research in order to improve and personalize emergency care. Please take an opportunity to look around these informative pages and contact us if you should have questions or wish to share a perspective. After over 30 years of clinical, educational, and research experience in the provision of emergency medical care, I have substantial experience to help lead the department into the future, but I do this together with my emergency care colleagues. Currently, we have a number of departmental initiatives including updating and modernizing these web pages, while we continue to support our exceptionally strong medical student activities. Other initiatives include improving our own wellness, growing clinical research programs, geriatric emergency care, improving educational translation, diversity enhancements, faculty development, and other areas as they are identified.
Dr. Terndrup is an Emergency Medicine specialist with over 30 years of clinical, educational, and research experience in the provision of emergency medical care, with venues ranging from remote rural, to suburban community, and large urban academic hospital facilities. He founded the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a full academic department at the School of Medicine. He also established the Center for Emerging Infections and Disaster Preparedness (CEIEP) in order to address issues associated with emerging infections and disaster preparedness through multidisciplinary research, training and service programs. He transitioned to Penn State University (PSU), his alma matter (COM class 1981), in October, 2006. At PSU, he directed approximately 220 full time employees in their pursuit of high quality emergency medical care and education. At Penn State he was instrumental in developing interdisciplinary groups to focus on systemic hypothermia, sepsis improvements, and emergency care clinical trials. As an example, Penn State leads the national in enrollment in the Protocolized Care for Early Septic Shock (ProCESS), reduced the observed to expected mortality for sepsis patients by 36%, and an ongoing contributor to the Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials group. Presently, he transitions to the Ohio State University (OSU) as chair and professor, with a renewed energy and enthusiasm to build upon the clinical and educational success of the Department of Emergency Medicine at OSU.

Thomas E. Terndrup, MD, Professor and Chair, Emergency Medicine
The Ohio State University, College of Medicine

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