Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs

Mark G Moseley, MD
Associate Professor

Mark G Moseley, MD, MHA, FACEP

Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs
Department of Emergency Medicine
The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Assistant Chief Operating Officer, OSU Health System
It is truly an exciting time to be a member of the outstanding team in Emergency Medicine here at the Ohio State University. We are a committed to delivering compassionate, high quality, evidence based, personalized care to the many patients that seek treatment from our team members every day. The breadth and scope of our clinically offerings, the reach of our Department's clinical footprint, the expertise of our faculty, and the future growth that is planned her at OSU is certainly unique and exciting. We are fortunate to work in an environment where students, residents, attendings, and nursing staff work collaboratively toward a shared vision of excellence. Our Department faculty provide and supervise the care of patients in two busy Emergency Departments, an ED Observation Unit (CDU), Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, and at an innovative ambulatory After Hours Care Clinic.
Our flagship ED at the Wexner Medical Center is located in the heart of one of the largest University campuses in the country and serves as the point of entry for the OSU University Hospital, the James Cancer Hospital, The Ross Heart Hospital, and the Harding Psychiatric Hospital. As an academic Level 1 Trauma Center, Joint Commission Accredited Comprehensive Stroke Center (one of 3 in the state of Ohio), ABA Accredited Burn Center, Level Cardiovascular Emergency Program (one of 4 or 5 such centers in the entire country), and regional STEMI referral center, we enjoy a high acuity, high complexity, tertiary care patient population. The acuity and complexity of our 70,000 plus patients continue to grow as demonstrated by our 30% admission percentage and increasing percentage of patients that require inpatient placement in ICU level care.
Our inner city community hospital at OSU Hospital East is a model of ED clinical efficiency and manages over 50,000 patients annually. Supervised and managed by our faculty, this clinical site serves as an outstanding pathophysiology complement to our tertiary care setting for our trainees, and increasingly has tertiary care services such as its own STEMI, stroke, and sepsis programs. Our CDU is a national best practice example for the care of ED based observation patients, and offers over 20 care protocols to manage patients that require more time and resources to determine their ability to be discharged or need for inpatient admission. Our HBO unit (lead by 3 board certified EM faculty members) is one of only 2 centers in the State of Ohio that offers 24/7 access to HBO services for patients with emergent indications such as carbon monoxide poisoning, necrotizing fasciitis, and air embolism. Our After Hours Clinic at the Martha Morehouse pavilion provides both traditional urgent care services as well as many resources usually found exclusively in the ED setting. This unique and innovative ambulatory clinic is run and managed by our faculty and helps provide critical access to a wide range of services that benefit the University Health Plan and the University community.
We are looking forward to a major expansion and renovation of our flagship ED at the Wexner Medical Center that will fully open in December of 2014 as part of a $1.1 Billion Dollar new Cancer and Critical Care Hospital. When completed, our new ED will feature more than 100 beds, a dedicated ED for patients with oncologic emergencies (only the 2nd such Cancer ED in the country), a 9 bed trauma/critical care/resuscitation suite, pod based design that will functionally eliminate the need for a traditional waiting room, more direct access for EMS, enhanced imaging capabilities, and personalized care settings and amenities that will be unparalleled.
As you can see, our envisioned future here at Ohio State is bright and seeks to move us (consistent with the University's goal) from excellence to eminence. It is truly a pleasure to help lead our Department's clinical mission along with Dr. Terndrup and our outstanding team of residents, mid-level providers, faculty, and staff. If you share a passion for pushing boundaries and defining the future of our specialty in Emergency Medicine, please consider joining.

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