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Hallstrom A, Rea TD, Sayre MR, Christenson J, Cobb LA, Mosesso VN, Anton AR: The AutoPulse Assisted Prehospital International Resuscitation (ASPIRE) trial investigators respond to inhomogeneity and temporal effects assertions. Am J Emerg Med 2010 28:8 973-6; author reply .

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Hallstrom A, Rea TD, Mosesso VN, Cobb LA, Anton AR, Van Ottingham L, Sayre MR, Christenson J: The relationship between shocks and survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients initially found in PEA or asystole. Resuscitation 2007 74:3 418-26.

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Hallstrom A, Rea TD, Sayre MR, Christenson J, Anton AR, Mosesso VN, Van Ottingham L, Olsufka M, Pennington S, White LJ, Yahn S, Husar J, Morris MF, Cobb LA: Manual chest compression vs use of an automated chest compression device during resuscitation following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a randomized trial. JAMA 2006 295:22 2620-8.

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