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Semple HM, Cudnik MT, Sayre M, Keseg D, Warden CR, Sasson C: Identification of high-risk communities for unattended out-of-hospital cardiac arrests using GIS. J Community Health 2013 38:2 277-84.

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Keseg DP: The merits of mechanical CPR: Do mechanical devices improve compression consistency and resuscitation outcomes?. JEMS 2012 37:9 24-9.
Sasson C, Cudnik MT, Nassel A, Semple H, Magid DJ, Sayre M, Keseg D, Haukoos JS, Warden CR: Identifying high-risk geographic areas for cardiac arrest using three methods for cluster analysis. Acad Emerg Med 2012 19:2 139-46.

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Keseg DP: Judgment calls When you only get one chance, you'd better make it count. EMS World 2010 39:10 44-7.
Keseg DP: On the same page: making transitions between EMS & urgent care centers smooth. JEMS 2010 35:8 60-2.
Keseg DP: Reducing interruptions. JEMS 2010 35:1 S14, S16-7.

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Sayre MR, Cantrell SA, White LJ, Hiestand BC, Keseg DP, Koser S: Impact of the 2005 American Heart Association cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care guidelines on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival. Prehosp Emerg Care 2009 13:4 469-77.

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