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Bernard AW, Balodis A, Kman NE, Caterino JM, Khandelwal S: Medical student self-assessment narratives: perceived educational needs during fourth-year emergency medicine clerkship. Teach Learn Med 2013 25:1 24-30.
Hughes D, Holt S, Kman NE: Ludwig's Angina Triaged as an Allergic Reaction. J Emerg Med 2013 0:0 Epub ahead of print.
Kman NE, Bernard AW, Khandelwal S, Nagel RW, Martin DR: A tiered mentorship program improves number of students with an identified mentor. Teach Learn Med 2013 25:4 319-25.
Marchigiani R, Gordy S, Cipolla J, Adams RC, Evans DC, Stehly C, Galwankar S, Russell S, Marco AP, Kman N, Bhoi S, Stawicki SP, Papadimos TJ: Wind disasters: A comprehensive review of current management strategies. Int J Crit Illn Inj Sci 2013 3:2 130-42.
Prats M, O'Connell M, Wellock A, Kman NE: Fishhook removal: case reports and a review of the literature. J Emerg Med 2013 44:6 e375-80.
Shaikh I, Berg K, Kman N: Thrombogenic catheter-associated superior vena cava syndrome. Case Rep Emerg Med 2013 2013:0 793054.

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Bahner DP, Adkins E, Patel N, Donley C, Nagel R, Kman NE: How we use social media to supplement a novel curriculum in medical education. Med Teach 2012 34:6 439-44.
Bernard AW, Kman NE, Betz B, Khandelwal S, Caterino JM: Faculty prefer continuity with medical students in the emergency department. Emerg Med J 2012 0:0 Epub ahead of print.
Bernard AW, Kman NE, Way DP, Khandelwal S: The impact of two clinical shift allocation models on student experiences in an emergency medicine clerkship. Teach Learn Med 2012 24:3 194-9.
Kman NE, Bachmann DJ: Biosurveillance: a review and update. Adv Prev Med 2012 2012:0 301408.

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Bernard AW, Kman NE, Khandelwal S: Feedback in the emergency medicine clerkship. West J Emerg Med 2011 12:4 537-42.
Bernard AW, Malone M, Kman NE, Caterino JM, Khandelwal S: Medical student professionalism narratives: a thematic analysis and interdisciplinary comparative investigation. BMC Emerg Med 2011 11:0 11.
Kman NE, Bernard AW, Martin DR, Bahner D, Gorgas D, Nagel R, Khandelwal S: Advanced topics in emergency medicine: curriculum development and initial evaluation. West J Emerg Med 2011 12:4 543-50.
Rojavin Y, Seamon MJ, Tripathi RS, Papadimos TJ, Galwankar S, Kman N, Cipolla J, Grossman MD, Marchigiani R, Stawicki SP: Civilian nuclear incidents: An overview of historical, medical, and scientific aspects. J Emerg Trauma Shock 2011 4:2 260-72.
Schwaab J, Kman N, Nagel R, Bahner D, Martin DR, Khandelwal S, Vozenilek J, Danforth DR, Nelson R: Using second life virtual simulation environment for mock oral emergency medicine examination. Acad Emerg Med 2011 18:5 559-62.
Yarris LM, Fu R, Lamantia J, Linden JA, Gene Hern H, Lefebvre C, Nestler DM, Tupesis J, Kman N: Effect of an Educational Intervention on Faculty and Resident Satisfaction with Real-time Feedback in the Emergency Department. Acad Emerg Med 2011 18:5 504-512.

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Kman N, Nelson RN: Infectious agents of bioterrorism: a review for emergency physicians. Emerg Med Clin North Am 2008 26:2 517-47, x-xi.

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Kman N, Russell GB, Bozeman WP, Ehrman K, Winslow J: Derivation of a formula to predict patient volume based on temperature at college football games. Prehosp Emerg Care 2007 11:4 453-7.

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